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Where’s the Party

Illustrated with charm by Kate Endle

"An irresistible invitation... Kirkus Reviews. Where's the Party is a picture book about Kate who uses mysterious clues in birds’ songs to discover a very special party. Find out who the guests of honor are and learn about birds and birdsong along the way. There’s a glossary of birds in the back. Here’s an excerpt: “’Cheerily,’ the robin sings. ‘News!’ What news? Kate wants to know. A cardinal whistles, ‘Par-ty! Par-ty! Par-ty!’ A Party! Kate wants to go.”

With this book you will enter the imagination of a child’s world. Go with Kate as she follows birdsong down her path to the apple tree and finally to the brook. All of life is a celebration with
Where’s the Party? Release date for the book is July 1, 2011. Order copies now. Visit the website of the publisher, Charlesbridge, at www.Charlesbridge.com. You can also find Where’s the Party? in bookstores or online at www.Amazon.com. Available in hardcover and paperback.

Hare and the Big Green Lawn
Illustrated in colorful watercolors by Larry MacDougall

Hare moves from the country to the suburbs and doesn’t like his big green lawn. He lets the grass die and turn into mud. How the neighbors, Skunk, Bobcat, and Raven, stare! Find out what happens to Hare’s lawn in this back-to-nature story. Here’s an excerpt: “Hare moved away from the country. He took the smallest house, with the biggest lawn, at the end of the street. He liked his little house. But why was his yard short and bright green, nothing like home? ‘This must be fixed,’ Hare said to himself.” In the back of the book you’ll find a page telling how you can grow your own meadow.

Hare and the Big Green Lawn was recognized as book-of-the-month in the National Wildlife Federation’s magazine for children Your Big Backyard, Hare and the Big Green Lawn is published by Rising Moon.  You can buy Hare and the Big Green Lawn at www.amazon.com or visit the websites www.northlandpub.com or www.rlpgbooks.com or phone 800-462-6420. 


Katharine has two stories published in Milkweed Editions’ anthology, Stories from Where We Live: The Great Lakes (edited by Sara St. Antoine). In “Fireworks!” Julia can’t get close to her father because of her older sister, until one Fourth of July when driving home from the fireworks she discovers something awesome happening in the night sky. Here’s an excerpt: “Julia pushed her bare feet through the cold sand, plowing a quick furrow. The sand on the beach felt like silk, cold silk, tonight. In all of her ten summers, she could not remember a Fourth of July in northwest Michigan this cold. She…surveyed the bundled-up crowd of resorters and townspeople, looking for her dad.”

In “Great Northern Pike” John’s dad finally lets him come fishing only to ignore his son in the boat until John hooks a huge northern pike. But John has forgotten the net! Find out whether John and his dad succeed with the fish. The ending is based on a true story. Here’s an excerpt: “All that July, John awoke at dawn to the low sounds of his father preparing to fish. There was the clatter of rods, the thud of the screen door, the creaking of the wheel that lowered the boat into Platte Lake. From his bed on the screened porch he’d listen until the whine of the motor faded away. He longed to go with him.”

Katharine’s story, “Tiger of the Air” is printed in Milkweed Editions’ anthology, The South Atlantic Coast and Piedmont: A Literary Field Guide (edited by Sara St. Antoine). The story is told in journal form by Warren, a boy shipped off to his eccentric Great Aunt’s house for a visit only to discover an owlet swept out of its nest in a storm. Find out how a family of great horned owls bring Warren and his great aunt together. Here’s an excerpt: “This afternoon I found an amazing creature under the tallest pine in the yard. It’s a huge baby bird, downy white with piercing yellow eyes with huge black pupils, small wings, and big black feet. The black skin around his eyes gives him the look of a monkey or maybe a baboon. Great Aunt actually stopped knitting when she saw him and threw up her hands.”

You can find many more stories, poems, and journal entries in the
Stories from Where We Live series. Both anthologies with Katharine’s stories in them can be found at www.milkweed.org or amazon.com. Available in hardbound or paperback. Teaching and activity guides can be found at www.worldashome.org.

Photo by Beverly Hills Drake

More about Katharine’s Writing 

Katharine was first published in
Cricket magazine in July, l992, for “Fireworks!” A few years later Cricket published “Grandma’s Gifts,” a story about two sisters who finally begin to understand their stern grandmother. Katharine’s adult story, “Spring Thaw,” which involves a stoic mother and her adult daughter, was first presented to the International Conference on the Short Story and published in l997 by short story, a literary journal.Katharine’s story “Fireworks!” has been used in Canada’s home schooling program and in standardized testing. “Great Northern Pike” is also used to test children on their reading skills.

Katharine is currently working on a new picture book and a novel for young adults called
Fishing Upside Down.